The 8-Second Rule on Coaching Home Pages

When people arrive, they’ve gotta jive with your site! They need to feel that this is a place that’s easy for them to navigate, easy for them to understand, what it is, where to begin, and most of all that there’s some value to be gained here. That’s your home page’s job.

If they don’t get those answers, they hit the road and almost never return. They need to know … read on


How to Increase Website Traffic with Your LinkedIn Sig

If you’re networking on LinkedIn often, then this signature move outlined below can bring more qualified traffic to your site – leading to new subscribers, clients, and product sales.

If you’ve noticed, LinkedIn has no signature feature – that is, they do not automatically put your signature when you make comments.

As a result, in order for people to discover your coaching website, they need to click into your profile … read on


Design or Text-Only Email Newsletters?

While having a gorgeously designed email template gives eye appeal, the harsh reality is that trying to implement a visually stunning email newsletter often causes more problems than its worth for new coaches starting a business.

Here are five common problems with designed newsletters:

1. Accessibility is poorer.

When you send a designed email, it requires coding to properly position the graphics.

The email program that people use to read … read on


How to Get a Simple, Unique, Attractive Custom Facebook URL

In the past, you were required to get 25 likes for your Facebook page in order to get a custom URL. That’s no longer the case since September 2011. There are no requirements other than simply creating a page.

Just go here to get your custom URL.

Why do this?

Simply because shorter is better for URLs

A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is set of characters (all that the … read on


Chewy Thoughts on Niches and Why This is a Bad Article Title

First, chewable thoughts on niches.

Coaches love to “coach” and so they should. However from a marketing point of view, promoting “I’m a coach” isn’t very effective for many. It’s too amorphous as is “consulting.”

A step closer to better marketing is to pick a niche because you’re moving closer to the buyer and their needs. I’m a “relationship coach for busy corporate chics” or a “a business consultant for … read on


How to Quickly Grow Your List with AWeber

In this article I will show you how to quickly get started growing your list and client-base using AWeber whether you have a website or not – and if you don’t have much content.

One key element to develop in your business is your “list.” This is your list of potential clients and customers. It’s a list of people who have indicated interest in you and what you can offer.… read on


How to Sign Up More Clients with Your Initial Session: A LinkedIn Recap

I recently started a conversation about the subject of charging for an initial consultation at the LinkedIn Group, “Coaches Support Group”.

The discussion was titled, “Do you / should you / how do you charge for your initial consultation?”

There’s lots of great info and comments. It’s here:
(You will have to join the group first to see the comments)

I wanted to research deeper as to how I … read on