Link Example of Permalinks

How to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Permalinks

“Permalinks” are permanent links.

They are fixed links to website content.

Permalinks were created to make it easy to link to archived content on dynamic websites such as blogs. (If permalinks weren’t created, it would be difficult to link directly to old blog posts as they would be buried within the site)

More importantly, here’s how to use permalinks in WordPress to get you more traffic.

As you know, search … read on


A Two-Step Blog Trick to Get More Readers

One challenge coaches face when writing their articles or blog posts is making it compelling.

And, one common thing coaches do is focus their article titles on coaching concepts or techniques which aren’t attractive to readers. These kinds of titles are usually too common and don’t elicit a strong enough reason for reading them.

For example, when people see an article titled “Goal Setting Secrets” it generally doesn’t grab them.… read on


Four Keys to a Great Coaching Pic Look

It’s all about perception.

When people check you out online, they take all the inputs (written word, images, profile detail, comments, etc.) and formulate an opinion of you.

This is their perception.

The more favorable their perception, the more likely they will be drawn to you and want to get on your email list, buy a product or contacting you for coaching.

One key element in their perception of you … read on


The Out-of-Place Attraction Factor for Engaging Visitors

Why the BLEEP! does my coaching website suck?

Why does no one go to it? Why doesn’t anyone do anything at it? Why aren’t they contacting me about coaching? How the hell do I make it more compelling? How do I explain what I do so that everyone wants to hire me?!?!

It can be a rough deal trying to make your website compelling to get people to engage with … read on


Dude, Three Dos for Smooth Site Surfing

When people surf, they’re on a smooth fun wave, and they like it like that. They like to ride that wave, feel the glide, fly through the wind and see the earth move under their feet. It’s exhilarating!

That’s how people want to surf when they are on your website.

So, don’t scatter your website with coral reefs, riptides, or men in grey suits (sharks)! Instead, make nice smooth fun … read on


Lightning-Fast Credibility Building with WordPress

One of the simply astonishing feats of using WordPress as the platform (the technical behind-the-scenes guts) for your coaching website lies in the speed at which you can reach your market to build your expert-coach status.

It’s stunning.

Here’s an example of what can be done.

1. Quickly write an article for fresh content – requires one to two hours.

With your username and password, you simply log into WordPress … read on


My iPhone and Why You Want .com

I recently read the book, Positioning by Al Ries.

One big take-away from the book is to realize the importance of having a dominant position in the minds of people. I’ll give you two examples: the airlines example and then the iPhone example.

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