Lightning-Fast Credibility Building with WordPress

One of the simply astonishing feats of using WordPress as the platform (the technical behind-the-scenes guts) for your coaching website lies in the speed at which you can reach your market to build your expert-coach status.

It’s stunning.

Here’s an example of what can be done.

1. Quickly write an article for fresh content – requires one to two hours.

With your username and password, you simply log into WordPress … read on


My iPhone and Why You Want .com

I recently read the book, Positioning by Al Ries.

One big take-away from the book is to realize the importance of having a dominant position in the minds of people. I’ll give you two examples: the airlines example and then the iPhone example.

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Four Keyword Tips to Get Potential Clients from Search Engines

Getting traffic from search engines is magnificent. What coach wouldn’t want people coming to their website who are eager for what the coach has to offer? But most coaches don’t get much traffic and part of the reason due to poor keyword choice.

Here are four things to consider when seeking good keywords.

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6 Reasons People Won’t Get on Your Email List and How to Fix Them

Your list is gold. If you can fill it with people who love what you have to offer, you’ll have a great source from which you can get clients, sell products, help people, rand have fun.

But, you’ve got to be respectful and valuable in order to get visitors to get onto your list and give you their email address.

Below are six reasons people won’t get on your list … read on


A Web Strategy to Get Clients from Your Contacts

It’s good to seek clients through your immediate contacts as those contacts will have some familiarity with you. People like working with people they are familiar with.

Here’s a diagram and some notes on how to get clients by putting out an offer to your contacts.

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9 Get-In-The-Zone Tips for Great Web Writing

Writing is a fantastic skill to have when it comes to marketing on the Web.

Search engines love the written word, and the written word moves the fastest – it’s light-weight, and easy to share on various devices such as laptop and phones.

There’s no question that words rule the Web.

But, a common challenge for many coaches who want to market on the Web is in the ability write … read on


What Would You Absolutely Love Your Coaching Website to Do?

I recently asked a coach friend, “What would you absolutely love for your website to do?”

His response:  “Hey, Kenn!  If you can assert to coaches that their website can give them coaching leads, and deliver that, you could have the world by the ass!”

I agree. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

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