What to Do on Your Website, if You Have Two or More Niches

If you’re attempting to appeal to two different markets with different challenges on the same website, you’re likely in for a lot of struggle.

The basic challenge is that when you appear to be “the solution” to more than one group, your prospective clients will instinctively think that you cannot be so good at any one of them. Whether you are or not matters little. It looks like you’re not.… read on


On Your Site, What Should You Call Yourself? Coach?

On your website, what should you call yourself? Coach? Transition coach? Business coach? Success coach? Health coach?

What if you’re a health coach and you don’t want to rule out “wellness” ?  But hey, you’re also holistic too, so how about “Holistic Health and Wellness Coach?”

While from your point of view, the title “coach”, “health coach”, “business coach” encompasses what you do. But from your client’s perspective, these kinds … read on


5 Keys to Getting Email Addresses and Growing Your List

Coaches struggle to grow their list and a big part of that is the invitation to get on the list. On many coaching websites, you will see an invitation, “Join my newsletter” along with a form. This is hardly motivating for visitors since there’s just too much email out there already.

Your list is precious, and arguably the most valuable asset in your business. Your list contains people who said, … read on


3 Do-Before-Building Basics for Maximum Website Attraction

Got a site up that isn’t getting much action? Do you have visitors coming that just seem to go away and not get on your list, and not sign up for a program, and not call you for coaching?

That stinks.

There’s a big chance that your site wasn’t properly planned. That is, you may not have taken key preliminary steps to ensure people will be excitedly ushered TO your … read on


10 Blog Steps to Get Clients from Search Engines

Here’s an example of how to write a blog entry to lead potential clients to you from search engines.… read on

Think about a challenge your client faces from their perspective.
ex: A parent’s child suddenly gets poor grades in school
Think about keywords this parent might use to search for help.
ex. my daughter is suddenly getting bad grades, my son’s grades started getting worse
Choose a title that solves the


2 Website Notes on this 6-Figure Coaching Business Checklist

I recently spoke with Renée Hasseldine (founder of CoachNetwork) about coaching websites for earning a six-figure income.

We discussed many of the key components: building a list, giveaways, service offerings, and such. But what I want to comment on is a very handy freebee at her site, “The 13 Essentials Checklist for a 6-Figure Coaching Business.”

read on


How to Back-Up Your Website (Protect Your Marketing)

Protect your marketing.

You should back your website on some regular basis, especially if you’re continually adding content.


Websites can get hacked. I have heard it.
Hosting companies can goof-up. I’ve been there.
You and/or your designer can goof-up. I’ve been there.

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