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Coaching Website Newbie Question and a Secret Marketing Trick

I’ll share with you the secret marketing trick at the end of this article. Firstly, here’s an email I received recently from a subscriber about her frustration with websites and marketing. Here are her words followed by my response.

My biggest frustration, fear, worry and pain when it comes to my coaching website (and marketing) is never being sure that I know enough or understand enough to make it all … read on

coaching site does not work - punch it

When Your Coaching Site Does Not Work – Handling Tech Issues

I’m not immune to technology snares. Especially me because it’s my job to push the envelope a bit, try out new things, and then trim back to what works. Call it the pains of growth. However, it’s quite embarrassing when my own site hiccups – being the expert on successful coaching websites.

From coding computer games on the C-64 in the 80s, to late nights at the pod in Binghamton … read on

10 paying coaching clients

How to Get 10 Ongoing, Paying Coaching Clients from the Web

This is going to be a very short post sharing with you some key tips for making this happen: How to get a steady supply of clients, using the Web as your main vehicle.

I know many coaches wish to have an international, mobile (live wherever or travel more) business. The dream of living in other countries, traveling for a few months, retiring sooner and doing more work they love, … read on

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A Great Plugin for Success Stories – WP Testimonials

I love WP-Testimonials as my website plugin for handling testimonials. It’s great because:

1. It’s very easy to use for managing testimonials – just pop in the information.

2. It has a handy widget for the sidebar. It’s fast to get going on your site.

3. It’s easy for any VA to use for updating testimonials – saving you time.

Here’s what the testimonial looks like on my website:

It’s very … read on

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How to Quickly Learn WordPress If You’re New

Do you want to quickly build your coaching site? Are you convinced that WordPress is the way to go? (I think so). Are you ready to learn how to use it, plugins, themes and all?

To give you a good pile of resources to begin learning, I ran over to my LinkedIn buddies at the WordPress Experts group (It’s tough to keep up on everything, especially with this need for … read on

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How to Get Traffic, Expert Status, and New Clients – The Glorious Freebie

The freebie. I want to sell you on why this is such a magnificent piece of your website. There are three tremendously valuable reasons.

Here are the three reasons:

Get more traffic – Instead of just publishing an article with a link to your site, you publish and article with a link to your site AND a big, “Get your copy of Gotta-Have-This-Freebie-to-Save Your-Life instantly at my site.” It motivates… read on