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How to Get Traffic, Expert Status, and New Clients – The Glorious Freebie

The freebie. I want to sell you on why this is such a magnificent piece of your website. There are three tremendously valuable reasons.

Here are the three reasons:

Get more traffic – Instead of just publishing an article with a link to your site, you publish and article with a link to your site AND a big, “Get your copy of Gotta-Have-This-Freebie-to-Save Your-Life instantly at my site.” It motivates… read on
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How to Create a Free Download that Clients Gotta Have – Trick 1 – Kill the Limiting Belief

So, if you haven’t figured out why the freebie on your site is a must-do step OR if you’ve been struggling to create one that you know clients will really, really, really want, then great – you’re in luck today! Here’s one of my favorite tricks to creating that downloadable pdf visitors will want immediately.

It’s about removing the limiting belief they have.

First, a quick visual on why your … read on

client's perspective

It’s Subtle – How to Position from the Client’s Perspective

It’s tricky, surely. But to market well, on your site or anywhere, you must communicate from the client’s perspective. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways to name your free coaching session and how it matters when seeking clients.

But what you name it makes all the difference in the world.

The “Free Consultation” – CLIENTS know what this is. Consultants have done this for years. Incidentally, it’s boring and … read on

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7 Tips for Finding Great Images on BigStockPhoto for Your Coaching Website

I love using BigStockPhoto for images for my websites, client websites, blogs, ebooks, downloads, etc. They’ve got a huge collection of images, inexpensive and they satisfy all visual image needs. Here are 7 tips for how to find great images for your coaching website.

1. BigStock has MORE than just cheesy images of people.

Overused images (a woman with a headset and perfect teeth) can be lame. At BigStockPhoto, there are also banner … read on

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Four Tips for Getting High Rankings as a Coach – My Rule of Thumb on SEO

My rule on SEO is based on motives. Search engines (for example, Google) survive on users – the more users actively using the search engine, the better. In order to keep users happy, search engines need to provide users with web pages that make the users happy – which are …

Ones that have useful content. Ones that are easy to access. Ones that open up fast. Ones that look great… read on
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A Second Example of the Relevant Blog Trick for Marketing on LinkedIn as a Coach

Last week, I showed you The Relevant Blog Trick. As a side note, marketers, teachers, movement-makers make up phrases and coin new terms to teach and for ease of reference, a nice trick. So this phrase, “relevant blog trick” is a phrase I made up – and it suits.

The idea is to capture hot discussions from your market on LinkedIn (could be any group where people chat) on topics … read on