Why Your Website Can NOT Be a Client Machine and How It CAN

Why Your Website Can NOT Be a Client Machine and How It CAN

As you get lost in the marketing-madness and information-overload of the Internet, you’ll come across the idea of “getting clients from the web”.

You’ll hear phrases like “client machine” or “cash machine” and wonder if this is really possible.

The answer is yes and no. It’s both possible and impossible. The truth is hidden in the specifics of what they are talking about.

In this article, I will show you … read on


Chicken Scratch Testimonial Model for Selling Coaching

You want clients right? They want coaches! They want a coach who they believe will help them change their situation for the better.

Clients want to know that YOU can deliver. Yes, I know I know, you aren’t the one delivering – you empower THEM to deliver results. But clients don’t see it that way (until later)!

When you are working with them, yes, use your coaching techniques. But before … read on

Coaching Website Mistake: You Lost Me at Hello

Coaching Website Mistake: You Lost Me at Hello

There’s too much stuff on the Web. Most of it is junk and unimportant to us. That’s exactly why you need to engage people right away on your website.

This photo is very attention grabbing. So should be the first block of text on your site.

When people land on a site they give it a quick once over before they dig in. They are judging to see if your … read on

Coaching Website Mistake: Confusing Menus

Coaching Website Mistake: Confusing Menus

I would say that the second most important thing on a website is Usability. It’s second to value. Websites should offer big value to their users and make accessing it very easy.

One major factor that contributes to your site’s usability is the menu – the main links that get people around your website.

In this article I will give you the ideal traits of a menu that will make … read on

Coaching Website Mistake: No Big Benefit

Coaching Website Mistake: No Big Benefit

Visitors need to see that there’s some BIG value to be gained from your site. If they don’t, they won’t explore your site and they won’t discover how great your coaching can be.

Just think about the times you’ve landed on others websites. Which ones did you spend time on? Which ones did you just bounce off? You probably quickly left websites that didn’t show some possibility of usefulness to … read on


Coach Website Mistake on Free Consultations

When people come to your coaching website, it’s not assumed by them that you are looking to take on clients. In fact, when many people arrive at a coach’s website, they often have no idea what it is you offer.

If your primary aim is to get clients, then you’ll need to make that overly clear. And, remember, both clients AND REFERRERS – people who may tell others about you … read on

The Coaching Site Guide - a new coach's guide to creating an expert website that clients will love!

New: The Coaching Site Guide

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally put together an ebook to help coaches create a great website.

I’ve been heeing and hawwwing about it for a while now and on a personal challenge and as an accountability project with a client of mine, this guide has been produced.

Get the low down on the guide and discover the top three reasons most coaches end up with a site that … read on