About Coaching Sites That Work

About Coaching Sites That Work

Do you want a professional coaching website that reflects you but also attracts new clients? Great! Let’s create that presence, and get you on your way to that first level of success – proving you can do it by earning an income on steady coaching clients?

Here you’ll find plenty of tips, tutorials, and strategic advice for building an expert web presence – the kind clients flock to. If you’re researching, then get on my email list and stay in touch. If you want fast growth and help now, then take the next step.

Kenn Schroder, Web Designer for Coaches

Kenn Schroder - Coaching Site SpecialistI work with professional coaches such as business, leadership, career, and health coaches. My 2013 goal is to help 100 coaches build 100 websites that generate 10 new clients each.

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My Story and My Whys

Coaches love what they do and want to ‘make it’ in business. They want to serve others and earn enough to live their own desired lifestyle. They struggle with marketing, especially in presenting what they do online at their websites. It’s overwhelming, scary, and daunting. They want it to be beautiful, attractive, and engaging but worry about doing it wrong, wasting time, and throwing away money.

I know, first hand, what it’s like to build a site that doesn’t work. I’ve done over 20 times for my own business. Well, it’s not that they didn’t work, it’s that they “worked” to some degree or other – but it was years before I arrived at a website that really helped me get new clients.

And so, I do what I do to: help others who need it, enjoy work I enjoy, be able to travel, use my talents, earn an income to support life, to be challenged, and to be around coaches as there’s a little coach inside me getting read to come out.

World Wide Web Design Gallivanting

I love the flexibility of being a web designer. Work when creative energy flows best, live anywhere, travel, meet coaches around the world, experience new cultures. Live.

En Zed - Straight from the airport, high on the excitement of new places,  Greg and I head to One Tree Hill for a view of it all. Hello Auckland, New Zealand. (I got real good at selfies).

One Tree Hill with Greg Joynt, Business Coach, Auckland New Zealanda

Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece - Much needed down time, beach, pools, fresh air, Greek family festivities. Had a bout with email just below the Acropolis.


Co-work in Buenos Aires – I tried co-working, asado (bbq with lots of meats), and Tango in Argentina. I went when it was winter in NY. So in effect, I had three summers back to back. That was nice.

L’Etoile de Montmartre - “The Star”, a cute little café, was home-base for getting work done abroad in Paris. Chocolate croissants, espresso, and making friends with the natives!

L'Etoile de Montmartre

Abroad in Puerto Vallarta – Though web wise I am, in this sunset-blessed beach town of Mexico, I failed to convince this young entrepreneur to sell his springy animals online.

working in mexico

The Key to My Designing

The key lies in the question, “How do coaches get clients?”

  • by getting seen by prospects
  • by growing relationships
  • by gaining people’s trust
  • by looking like a pro
  • by being likeable
  • by learning clients’ challenges
  • by making it easy to enroll
  • by helping people take action
  • by sharing success stories
  • by having a success process
  • by communicating clearly
  • by being present, authentic

And here’s how websites help you do that:

  • by not being flashy
  • by getting you visible
  • by showing you understand
  • by highlighting benefits
  • by showcasing testimonials
  • by getting visitors to act
  • by motivating visitors
  • by boosting your credibility
  • by growing relationships
  • by educating visitors
  • by keeping in touch positively
You’ve got a challenge as a coach. It’s that you’re selling something that is invisible – coaching. As such, you’ll need to apply the techniques above!

Education / Experience

  • Trial & Error 2000-Now Marketing, selling, content creation, SEO
  • Author / Publisher 2010-11 – Two ebooks on websites and marketing
  • Hendricks Institute 2002 – Web design, graphic design, e-commerce
  • SUNY Binghamton 1994 – Math, computers, art
  • Actuary 1994-2001 – Insurance mathematics, New York City
  • That kid – I also scooped ice cream at Friendly’s and ran a paper route ;D

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me.

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